Ingredient: cloves garlic

Appetizer, Condiments, Crown, Fall, Heart, Root, Solar Plexus, Spring, Summer, Throat, Winter

White Bean Rosemary Hummus

Now this is some good hummus! I’ve been wanting to make a white bean hummus for some time now and it’s just as easy to prepare as the homemade chickpea version. white beans are a bit bland so I was inspired to add some rosemary for a Mediterranean kick. While this dip is perfect with crudities, crackers or on its own slathered between two pieces of artisan bread, try this spread as a sandwich condiment in place of mayo or mustard. It’s a sneaky way to add more fiber into your diet.

I am a big fan of white bean versatility in its energetic influence as it’s a sneaky way to get in some Heart Chakra energy (we usually focus on green veggies for this energy center). You’ll also get some solid Root and Solar Plexus balancing too. I find those three energy centers within a meal make for some profound energetic shifts; modern living has most of experiencing too much stress and anxiety related to unreasonable workload and material concerns and not enough love, compassion and gratitude. Making sure you get a daily dose of these three Chakras in your meals is a simple way to create more ease and grace in your daily living.