Ingredient: Fresh parsley, chopped, optional

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Barley, Ham and Collards

My CSA harvests Kohlrabi in the cool winter months here in Florida and I had no idea what to do with them. Simply Recipes (a great foodie blog) highly recommended a kohlrabi and ham bake. While I thought it sounded delicious, the weather has been cold here this January and I was more in the mood for a soup or stew. Plus I had a bunch of collards I wanted to cook. This was so tasty, as the kohlrabi sweetens slightly and balances the smoky ham. Added bonus: one pot cooking always takes top marks in my book!


Chicken Sausage Nuggets

Serve with homemade chunky apple sauce and sautéed cabbage-

This is my new “go to” breakfast, lunch, or dinner budget meal. It is amazing that the humble ground chicken can actually taste like breakfast chicken sausage and it has so few ingredients and simple preparation.