Ingredient: nutritional yeast **

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Easy Economical Pesto

I created this more economical plant-based version of pesto with walnuts rather than the traditional pine nuts, and nutritional yeast to replace the more inflammatory cheese. Walnuts are less expensive as well as the popular nut can usually be found in most kitchens while pine nuts are a less seldom used dry good. This version gives you more incentive to prepare this super healthy and delicious condiment more often.

The beautiful green color is a hint to the lovely heart energy enveloping you with this condiment and anything that you add it to. It is also energetically aligned with your lower chakras for optimal earthly living and the walnuts also add some brain or wisdom energy and the ability to trust your instincts.

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Kale Chips

Believe the craze for Kale Chips as this leafy green from the cruciferous family is one of the powerhouse superfoods that you want to make sure is a regular star in your diet. Chips are so Americana that actually having a healthy version is a no-brainer!

Kale deserves it nutritional reputation but it should also be hailed as a Heart Charka powerhouse. While these crispy chips will unblock any stagnation in your Heart energy center they also activate your Sacral, Solar Plexus and Third Eye centers for a nice balance of lower and higher Chakras. Not a bad way to snack!

This is an easy, foolproof recipe; so easy you’ll be making multiple batches each week!

It’s also a foolproof way to snack your way to love, compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others that you experience when your Heart Chakra is open and flowing freely.