Ingredient: plant-based butter, divided

Crown, Main, Root, Sacral, Sides, Solar Plexus, Spring, Third Eye, Throat, Winter

Slow Cooker Meyer Lemon Risotto

My good friend, Adriana S., gifted me some of her Meyer lemons from her backyard and I could not wait for the inspiration to hit what to do with them. I had never seen such huge Meyer lemons but they were ripe for the picking, incredibly juicy and so fragrant I knew I had to do something special with them. My tendency towards savory verses sweet led to the creation of this creamy risotto. The fragrant, slightly sweet lemon is the perfect burst of freshness to a traditional buttery and nutty Parmesan Italian staple. This a keeper as a side dish or a vegetarian meal. This rice dish would be a nice addition to your holiday buffets.

Lots of Solar Plexus energy being activated with this risotto which is beneficial if you find yourself needing confidence, setting boundaries, and empowering yourself to act in a balanced way that is aligned with your truth and authentic self.