Ingredient: roasted peanuts


Kung Pao Chicken

Serve with cooked Jasmine rice-

A Cooking Light recipe of Kung Pao Chicken was my original trigger to want to test an at-home version of the popular Chinese dish found at all US Chinese restaurants. When I looked at the CL version’s ingredients something seemed amiss (namely I doubted that red pepper flakes could recreate an authentic recreation) so I immediately went to Bee Yinn Lo’s website, Rasa Malaysia, my favorite Asian recipe site. I am glad I did, as I learned that Kung Pao is actually an authentic Chinese dish (and not a made-for-American-tastes recipe) and this is the authentic version.

I have followed her recipe as closely as possible, although I did not have a couple ingredients (but I used close substitutions), scaled the heat back a bit (just enough so my 10 year old would eat it) and the result is authentic, fresh and a keeper that I would like to regularly make when Chinese food cravings strike or for friends at a Chinese takeout-themed dinner party perhaps.

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Sweet and Salty Nutter Balls

My husband likes Lara Bar’s Uber bars and one day he brought home a box of “Roasted Nut Rolls”. I liked the name so I flipped to the ingredients and decided I wanted to make a simple version at home. These were a huge hit with my gym friends (great for both pre- and post-workout) as well as a sweet treat, snack or quick, grab-and-go breakfast for my family.