Ingredient: shredded carrots


Turkey Thai Larb

Serve with Jasmine rice and Thai spiced slaw-

I love Thai food for it’s freshness of ingredients and the different spices come together so beautifully. Larb is a Thai salad but it is meat based. it is a staple of Thai Isaan food and is found at all Thai American restaurants. Traditionally each bite is eaten with a scoop of sticky Thai rice but since this may an ingredient most of would not have access to I have substituted fragrant jasmine rice. It is also usually made with ground or minced pork but there are versions made with chicken or duck. I like to have this recipe in my home file as I sometimes crave Thai but prefer to control the ingredients and save myself some money since it is so easy to make.


Chicken and Kale Quinoa Bowl

One of my favorite meals to order at our local First Watch lunch spot is the Pesto Chicken Quinoa Bowl. It is so crave worthy I knew I had to figure out how to make it at home so I invited good friend and TWM tester, Megan Weathers, over to help me recreate this nutritionally powerhouse one-bowl meal. I think I nailed it and I even have an equally amazing vegan version in the Suggestions (thanks to adapting for vegan-eating Megan).