Ode to Dad

Ode to Dad

I found this poem on Power Poetry and the young poet did such a perfect job describing the importance and impact of being a father that I’ll let her love shine.

This is to my husband, my father, stepfather and all the great dads that I am lucky enough to know; Happy Father’s Day!

Ode to My Dad

This is for my hero, my dad
He is the best father a kid could ever have.
He laughs a lot, and makes me happy
Even though some of his jokes are kind of sappy.
I try to do things on my own, because that is how I’m raised.
But my dad is there in case I fail, and he is never fazed.
He picks me up and dusts me off, and shows me how it’s done.
He makes things seem so easy,
even hard jobs seem like fun.
Sometimes he is a chef, working at the barbecue.
I can still smell the smoke as he cooks a steak or two.
Sometimes he is a chauffeur, driving here and there but,
Sometimes I drive him crazy.
I’m surprised he still has hair.
Some days we argue, and even slam some doors,
But sometimes everything’s perfect, like when we aren’t fighting or doing chores.
I know my daddy will always protect me and always keep me safe.
He would do anything to keep a smile on my face, and I would do the same.
We love each other a whole lot.
That is why I’m daddy’s little girl.


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