Oh Manuka Honey! Discover This Lesser Known Honey for as Much as It’s Sweetness as It’s Powerful Health Benefits

I have been a big fan of Manuka honey ever since a good friend of mine gifted me some when she and her Kiwi husband came back to the States from living in New Zealand for a couple years.  I knew, however, that I needed to share the love on The Whole Meal when my very foodie friend, Adriana, had never heard of it.

Manuka honey, like many lesser known but powerfully nutritionally foods, is being swooped up in (or will be shortly and you can say you learned about first via The Whole Meal) an exposure craze.  And justifiably so!  It’s a superhero even amongst other varieties of honey due to its potent bacteria-fighting abilities.

Better Nutrition has written such a thorough and informative article on this delicious superstar that I will defer to them in explaining why it is unique, as well as some brands to look for:

Manuka Honey Benefits

Here is a delicious easy slow cooker honey-sweetened dessert to make with the end-of-season berries or try replacing the berry fruit spread with a fig jam and top with chopped fresh figs and walnuts for a burst of early fall yumminess!

Slow Cooker Lemon Honey Berry Cheesecake Cups




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