The “Secret” is Out on Achieving Overall Good Health: Consistency

The “Secret” is Out on Achieving Overall Good Health: Consistency

I subscribe to Daily Goods newsletter for inspiring and uplifting articles and stories to counterbalance the fear mongering in most of the mass media and today’s article “The Benefits of Consistency” inspired me to write about how consistency trumps almost everything else when it comes to creating and sustaining healthy lifestyle choices.

Ironically, my conversation with my BFF within 2 hours of reading this article revolved around her recent conversation with a vibrant and healthy 70+ year old who shared with her that it is consistency in all she does that keeps her in the high-quality-of-health category.  I think I am meant to share this “secret”.
It is actually not even a secret and it is the answer I regularly give anyone who asks me at the gym, at a party, at book club, as to how I live my life the way I do.  Consistency.  Put another way- regularity, constancy, steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, etc.
What struck me most about Daily Good’s article, which addressed the power of consistency in all areas of your life, was 1) understanding that regularity when done right cultivates something that is repeatable not repetitive (because we know how mundane repetition can be). It is consistency’s nature to build in constraints or a system that helps you finish what you set out to do.  and 2) it trumps goal setting.  Now that is something you do not hear everyday, but it’s true!
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Take, for example, exercise.  Most of us know the incredible benefits of regularly moving our bodies; weight loss, good sleep, strong bones, good mood, less disease, etc., but have a tough time bridging the gap between seeing it as a chore to making it part of your lifestyle.  If you can suspend the goal setting part of it (lose weight for example) and just go out and do it (something you like, of course) on a consistent, regular basis, you’ll achieve your goal without even thinking about it because you’ve created a system that supports it!  And then when you need a change, the consistency (it’s become repeatable) allows you to easily choose another form of exercise, whereas, if you had set a goal your mindset was probably motivation (which can be tough to maintain) rather than the process it would take to make exercise a lifelong habit ( Click this link for some good tips to fitting a workout into your daily routine).

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You can apply this thought process to your food choices too.  If you consistently eat well- whole foods most of the time- instead of setting a goal of cutting and counting calories you’ve shifted your focus from a tedious task that takes the fun out of the real joy in eating; i.e.; using new (or tried and true), healthy ingredients that engage all your senses and nourish your body the way it needs to be.  Consistently put that philosophy in place and the rest takes care of itself!

If you need a jump start to making consistency your new mindset when it comes to health and wellness, take a look at a past post, Want a Healthier and Fitter You?  Make It a HabitYes, habits create consistency and have the power to completely achieve your goals and make them stick.

So I’ll leave you with these very wise words from Tony Robbins, motivational guru, and whether you like him or not, his quote rings true: “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, it’s what we do consistently”.And this resonates with ALL areas of our lives so try and remember that in how you speak to and treat other people….but we’ll save that topic for another post.

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