Trying to Live More in the Moment?  Look to Your Cat or Dog for Inspiration

Trying to Live More in the Moment? Look to Your Cat or Dog for Inspiration

It was suggested to me from a friend that I should blog one of TWM’s Instagram posts that addressed her amazement with her dogs’ ability to just fall asleep – anytime and anywhere.  I had the same awe with our kitten, Serena, which led to the Instagram post.

Here it is:


Working from home “sweet demon” kitten likes to keep me company when I write and I often look up and see her in this languid repose. 


It got me thinking of a cat’s ability to sleep – anytime, anywhere and a lot of it….something we humans have a tough time doing; i.e., natural sleep. 


We can, however,  learn a lot from a cat’s relationship with waking and sleeping. They play hard ( way more than humans even if they do sleep 12-16 hrs/ day) but have unusual ( at ease) continuity between awake and asleep.  In contrast we distance ourselves and fight off sleep during the day – just incapable or don’t believe in napping.

Cats are crepuscular: programmed to be active in twilight hours of dusk and dawn. We routinely sleep through dawn and rush through dusk. Could a cat’s secure sense of sleep be the secret to their poise, curiosity and nine lives? 

So I challenge you to be a copycat! Being in twilight suggests being in the here and now. Carry the elements of “cat ” sleep with you throughout your day – poise, serenity, and relaxation. 

Gotta go- ” sweet demon” just woke up and is ready to play! ❤️


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